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Your Pharmaceutical Needs Are Met Where We Are Concerned

Valley Discount Pharmacy is your dependable independent retail pharmacy based in Pennsylvania that continually serves affordable and high-quality OTC and prescription drugs and medical supplies. We also remain committed to doing all these at the convenience of our customers and their loved ones, specializing in innovative technologies for the betterment of our organization, operations, pharmacists, staff members, and clientele.
Our bar code system has enabled us to be one step ahead of other companies in the industry, streamlining our drug therapy features and operations for better prescription-related services, including receipt printing and medication documentation and scanning.
We are your top choice for pharmaceutical excellence, providing fresh-grade medicines for everyone at all times.

Why Choose Us?

  • Medication Administration Record (MARs)Valley Discount Pharmacy utilizes MARs and offers them, along with medication lists, for free.
  • Dispensing Options
    Our dispensing options, including pill-boxes, bottles, Medi-Planners, and other packaging and organizing systems, are also offered to customers for free, with no monthly fees added. These are readily available for any medicine – prescription or OTC – and vitamin purchases.
  • Specialized Packaging
    At our clients’ request, we may also pack and organize medication purchases in bottles, organizers, boxes, bubble packs, and other tools for more convenience. These are readily available for any medicine – prescription or OTC – and vitamin purchases at no additional costs.
  • Medicare Part B Billing
    We are a Medicare Part B Pharmacy Provider for diabetic DME supplies, nebulizers, and other specialized treatment methods. Additionally, we offer transplant medication that’s directly a part of Medicare Part B billing. As stated on each client’s Medicare plan, we offer services accordingly and distribute costs as necessary.
  • Proper Medication Disposal and Removal
    We delight in having staff members who are adept at drug disposal and removal that reduce the risk of medication misuse and possible contamination. These are readily available for any medicine – prescription or OTC – at no additional costs.
  • Immunizations
    We firmly believe in the importance of immunization to safeguard everyone’s health from potential threats. This is why we continually advocate for immunizations, so everyone can get that extra layer of protection years in the future. To know more about this, click here. (hyperlink to its section on the Services page)
  • Pricing/FeesIn whatever we do, we always promote affordability and convenience; hence, most of our additional services are available at no charges, including:
    • Packaging
    • Delivery
    • Disposal and removal

We also accept most insurances and coverage plans.

General Practices

Valley Discount Pharmacy and its staff follow a set of guidelines that ensure patient safety and confidentiality and maximize pharmacy operations. These include:

Performing our responsibilities, which include developing, scheduling, dispensing, packing, and supplying medications and supplies, in compliance with:

  • Local, state, and national laws, like that of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
  • The patient’s and their physician’s/ prescriber’s orders
  • The official business hours of the pharmacy and its supplied organization/ prescriber
  • The patient’s special orders and instructions
  • The new Medication Therapy Management and Mirixa programs of 2014/2015
  • Performing our responsibilities based on patient-centered care and satisfaction
  • Supplying and delivering medications that meet CPSC Child-Resistant and Senior Friendly requirements
  • Labeling prescriptions as requested by the patient or organization, all while following governed laws
  • Remaining in communication with patients, their families, and organizations, regarding medication updates, including:
    • New orders
    • Dosage or administration changes
    • Out-of-stock medications
    • Delays
    • Other updates
  • Ensuring the correct information is provided to patients and facilities, with regards to:
    • Proper medication adherence (time, dosage, and manner)
    • Potential side effects
    • Appropriate actions to take during misuse or accidents
  • Providing emergency services as requested or when necessary
  • Reporting any suspicious medication-related activity during transactions to the proper authorities
Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver quality medication-specific services to individuals of all ages, efficiently promoting wellness and nurturing their journey to an improved lifestyle.

Our Vision

We envision becoming one of the leading healthcare advocates in the community of Pennsylvania, striving for public awareness on proper medication adherence and drug education.

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